Possesion is not longer enough

Everyday we seek to have a positive impact over the lands and communities we work with 


Our practice specializes in providing professional and consulting services related to due diligence, negotiation, legal protection of real estate rights in Mexico, including the privatization of ejido lands, releasing rights of way, acquisition of rights and real estate litigation, with special focus on agrarian trials and amparo proceedings. Where necessary, we provide complementary technical and social services.

To that end, we provide our services with a multidisciplinary approach that covers all forms of real estate: public, agrarian and private property. Through our comprehensive knowledge of Mexican realities and candid communications, we build solid trust-based relationships not only with our clients, but also with the ejidos, communities and individuals with whom we work.

At O’Gorman&Hagerman our vision is to build social capital and be a relevant agent for the development of rural areas and communities in Mexico.

Our work and services stand out because our approach encompasses multidisciplinary scientific criteria, which enable us to find the truth, and have precise and verifiable information about the legal, geographical and social status and risks of the lands and communities we work with.