Experts in real estate acquisition and litigation, with utmost transparency and social responsability 

Legal services

Investigation, due diligence and consulting services

  • Identification of the property regime applicable to lands in Mexico: public, social or private
  • Locating owners, title-holders and possessors
  • Identification of potential conflicts and legal risks regarding property titles and records, irregularities, encumbrances and other limitations
  • Analysis of conflicts related to land ownership and tenure
  • Due diligence of ejidos, communities, ejidatarios, possessors, settlers, private owners, and property rights holders.

Negotiation and acquisition

  • Acquisition, regularization and formalization of real estate rights, mainly over rural lands, ejidos, communities and private estates
  • Acquisition of rights over real estate executing all types of agreements, including pledges, sale-purchase agreements, usufructs, leases, easements, among others
  • Rights of way
  • Privatization of ejido lands and of state-owned land
  • Coordination of ejido and community assemblies or meetings, drafting of minutes, maps and other exhibits
  • Registration of agreements before the National Agrarian Registry (RAN).

Real Estate Litigation

  • Agrarian trials, including lands restitution, defense of ejido lands privatizations, agrarian inheritances, related to agreements executed pursuant to Agrarian Law, conflicts over boundaries, possessions and matters related to state-owned land

  • Civil and commercial lawsuits involving real estate
  • Administrative procedures before the Ministry for the Agrarian, Land and Urban Development, (SEDATU), National Agrarian Registry (RAN) and Office of the Agrarian Ombudsman (Procuraduría Agraria)
  • Amparo trials related to agrarian and real estate conflicts